Herunder kan du læse om centeret for de etiopiske børn og deres forældre i Pardez Katz.

Centeret er sponsoreret af WIZO Danmark
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Perfect scores at Pardes Katz!
Each year over 100 local children, the vast majority from Ethiopian immigrants families, receive one-on-one tutoring in math, English and Hebrew at the after-school tutoring facility at WIZO Pardes Katz, a program generously supported by WIZO Denmark.
Racheli Mangoli, the iconic chairperson of WIZO Pardes Katz who established the center in 2006, shared these inspiring photos of twin siblings Mazal and Daniel, together with their teacher at the center, showing off their perfect English tests. Each of them scored 100% and thanks to the WIZO tutoring Daniel went from a 30% on his last test to 100%!
Kol Hakavod!
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